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ProRace Axle Packages

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ProRace Axle Packages

ProRace Axle Packages

Thru-Hardened Axles (ProRace)
Strange’s ProRace series of axles are constructed from Hy-Tuf steel, a high nickel, ultra-strength steel alloy originally developed for military use. Axle forgings are machined to required specifications then heat treated in a vertical furnace to achieve a uniform hardness level from surface through to the center of the shaft. Because of their Thru-Hardened quality these axles while torsionally superior to withstand the abusive nature of drag racing, are not suited for high bending loads common with everyday street use. ProRace axles feature precisely machined 1.5635” bearing and special radius ring seat. The press-fit radius ring minimizes stress concentrations along the bearing shoulder and improves axle flange stability. Raised brake registers are machined to size based on your particular brake and wheel requirements.Kits come with everything needed for a complete axle installation into your new aftermarket or existing factory housing and third-member.

Refer to technical data sheet for stud options and pricing.


Purchase ItemProRace 28-, 30- & 31-spline Axles with C-Clip Eliminators
Use with GM 12-bolt and Ford 8.8" rearends for a signifi cant safety improvement in racing applications.

Purchase ItemProRace 31 & 33-Spline Axles (up to 600 hp1)
Recommended for drag race only use. 31 & 33-spline ProRace axles must be used with a 3.0625” bore case with appropriate differential; posi, locker or spool. (33-spline axles for spool only)

Purchase ItemProRace 35-Spline Axles (up to 1000 hp)
Recommended for drag race only use. Requires 3.250” bore case with appropriate gear carrier; locker or spool only.

Purchase ItemProRace 40-Spline Axles (1000 hp and up)
Recommended for drag race only use. Requires 3.250” or larger bore case with appropriate gear carrier; spool only. (5/8" studs)


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