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Street Axle Packages

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S/S & S/T Axle Packages

Induction Hardened Axles
See the E-STORE CATEGORY Each axle begins as a SAE 1550 modified steel forging which then undergoes spline hobbing and CNC-machining to to meet exact required specifications. To improve resistance to bending loads and wear, a post-machining process of electric coil induction hardening is performed. Induction hardening increases the hardness of the outer surface while maintaining a more ductile axle core, necessary for reliable street use. Axles feature precisely machined 1.5635” bearing and special radius ring seats. The press-fit radius ring minimizes stress concentrations along the bearing shoulder and improves axle flange stability. Bolt-on billet aluminum brake registers are machined to size based on your particular brake and wheel requirements. Kits come with everything needed for a complete axle installation into your new aftermarket or existing factory housing and third-member.

Refer to technical data sheet for stud options and pricing.

Purchase Item28 & 31-Spline Axles
(28-spline up to 400 hp, 31-spline up to 500 hp)
For street and handling performance applications, 31-spline axles are recommended. Axles can be used with factory 2.891”or aftermarket 3.0625” bore cases with appropriate differential; posi-traction, torque sensing, locker or spool.


Purchase ItemDirect Replacement C-Clip Axles
(30-spline up to 450 hp, 31-spline up to 500 hp)
The C-clip axles are a direct replacement for OEM c-clip axles. Available in 30-spline for GM 12-bolt rearends (Camaro, Chevelle, Nova) and 31-spline for Ford 8.8 ('94-04 Mustang). (Hardware additional)

Purchase Item35-Spline Axles
(up to 800 hp)
For street/strip applications these axles feature a larger 1.50” diameter 35-spline end that is better suited for the extreme levels of torque during launches. Requires 3.250” bore case with appropriate gear carrier; locker or spool only.


Note: Horsepower ratings provide a guideline based on drag race launches and adequate traction. Vehicles equipped with street tires and/or performance applications without drag style launches (ie. road racing/track days) can exceed listed power levels by a fair amount.

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