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Mini-Tub Leaf Spring Suspension System


Technical Data Sheet
Installation Guide


The mini-tub leaf-spring suspension from Total Control Products allows substantially greater clearance for extremely large tire and wheel combinations. Relocated shocks and springs combined with the additional mini-tub clearance allow 2-3/4” more tire clearance on each side of the vehicle. Systems include all mounts, offset frame rail inserts, leaf springs, spring plates and shock absorbers. A panhard bar version of the suspension is also offered for sharper and more predictable handling. Optional components include a narrow-width, adjustable-rate anti-roll bar and fabricated Ford 9” housing (FAB9™). Currently available for all styles of 1964-70 Mustangs.

NOTE: '65-66 GT rear valance is not compatible with suspension.

Model Year
Mustang 1964-1970
Mini-Tub Leaf Spring Suspension with Panhard Bar

Mini-Tub Leaf Spring Suspension with Panhard Bar

Mini-Tub Leaf Spring Suspension (no Panhard Bar)

Mini-Tub Leaf Spring Suspension

Offset Frame Rails and Mini-Tub Option

Some vehicles may already have mini-tubs installed. For this reason we offer our mini-tub set and offset frame rails as options for the g-Link Suspension. Our fully-boxed rails provide 2-3/4" additional clearance and a significant increase in strength over modified factory rail channels.

Mini-Tub Offset Frame Rails
'64-70 Mustang Mini-Tubs Offset Frame Rail Inserts

Suspension Options

Mini-Tub Leaf-Spring Suspension

Mini-Tub Leaf-Spring Suspension with Panhard Bar

This base version of the suspension is well suited for normal street driving and pro-street or modern pro-touring style stance.


Purchase Item5868-M10

Mini-Tub Leaf-Spring Suspension

The addition of the panhard bar dramatically enhances performance with improved cornering stability and adjustable roll center height.


Purchase Item5868-M10-PB

Mini-Tub Leaf-Spring Suspension with Panhard Bar


Splined-End Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar

Our unique splined bar end adapter provides a larger contact surface that reduces stress and wear on the polymer bearing. The billet arm attaches with a groove-locked pinch bolt, creating a play-free joint with that is extremely narrow. Three end-link positions to enable suspension tuning through bar rate adjustments.


Purchase Item5868-M10-ARB

Splined-End Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar Anti-Roll Bar Exploded View

Shock Options

VariShock Bolt-Ins

VariShock Bolt-Ins are a versatile line of high-end performance shocks that overcome the major shortcomings of traditional gas shocks and low-end twin-tube shocks.


Purchase ItemVAS 12042-515 - SensiSet (SS) factory-valved (pair)

Purchase ItemVAS 12142-515- QuickSet 1 (QS1) single-adjustable (pair)

Purchase ItemVAS 12242-515- QuickSet 2 (QS2) double-adjustable (pair)




SensiSet - Factory-Valved QuickSet 1 - Single-Adjustable QuickSet 2 - Double-Adjustable

Hardware Options

U-Bolt Set


Leaf Spring Perch Set

Purchase ItemTCP LSP-03 - U-Bolt Set for 2-13/16" to 3" axle tubes  

Purchase ItemTCP LSP-06 - Perch set for 2-5/8" to 2-3/4" axle tubes

Purchase ItemTCP LSP-07 - Perch set for 3" to 3-1/4" axle tubes

FAB9 Rear End Housing Options

Direct-fit FAB9™ fabricated Ford 9" housings are structurally superior to OEM-style stamped housings and are highly recommended in large-tire performance applications. Heavy-duty, leafspring pads are clocked for correct pinion angle and perfect alignment with our relocated leaf-spring position.

Mini-Tub FAB9 Rear End Houisng
Housing shown with Late Big-Ford ends.
Pro-Touring Floater Housing End
Pro-Touring Floater housing ends
available in 5-lug or center-lock hub versions
Item Number Material Housing Ends Max. Width Min. Width
Purchase Item84M10-P01 Mild Steel Late Big-Ford Sealed 57-1/4" 55-1/4"
Purchase Item84M10-P11 4130 Late Big-Ford Sealed 57-1/4" 55-1/4"
Purchase Item84M10-P0B Mild Steel Pro-Touring Floater 57-1/4" 55-1/4"
Purchase Item84M10-P1B 4130 Pro-Touring Floater 57-1/4" 55-1/4"
NOTE: Housing widths measured wheel-to-wheel using 1/4" thick brake hats.


All specifications and prices listed throughout the website and linked documents are subject to change.


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