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Panhard Bar System


Technical Data Sheet

Installation Guide - Panhard Bar

Installation Guide - Anti-Roll Bar

  • Controls side-to-side axle movement
  • Improves cornering stability
  • Predictable handling characteristics
  • Adjustable roll center geometry
  • Integrated anti-roll bar mounts, shock mounts, and tie-down loops
Panhard Bar System with optional components

Complete system shown with optional anti-roll bar and driver-side spring plate.

Note: Does not fit with factory staggered shocks.

Model Year
Mustang 1964-1973
Cougar 1967-1973

Panhard Bar

Our panhard bar system for leaf-spring suspensions greatly improves vehicle handling response by providing superior control over side-to-side movement of the rearend housing. Installation and proper setup provides a noticeable change in vehicle handling with a more direct and connected feel during cornering. Minimizing the nervous tendencies of leaf spring suspensions with the TCP panhard bar makes driving at near the vehicle's performance limit much easier.

The panhard bar component is part of a fully-featured system with weld-on frame brackets integrating the anti-roll bar mounts, and bolt-on leaf spring plates with built-in shock mounts and tie-down loops.


Adjustable Geometry

Multiple mounting holes for each end of the panhard rod allows the system to be used at multiple ride heights and provides adjustment of the vehicle roll center. Altering the roll center affects the understeer and oversteer characteristics of the car and is a quick and easy method to achieve better handling performance.

Panhard Bar Suspension System
Leaf Spring Suspension System - Stage 2
Purchase ItemTCP LSS-MU2 - Leaf Spring Suspension - Stage 2 incudes panhard bar system, leaf springs, poly bushings and shackles, and VariShock smooth-body shocks - Options for spring eye and rate, shock valving, hardware, and anti-roll bar.


Panhard Bar - Base System Driver-Side Spring Plate - Optional Anti-Roll Bar - Optional
Purchase ItemTCP PHL-M10 - Panhard Bar includes frame brackets, welded steel support tube, aluminum panhard rod, and passenger side leaf-spring plate. Purchase ItemTCP PHS-M10 - Driver-Side Leaf Spring Plate required for installation of anti-roll bar. Purchase ItemTCP PHA-M10 - Sliding-Link Anti-Roll Bar includes 5-position adjustment bar, billet-clevis endlink mounts, endlink assemblies, and poly-bushing billet-aluminum mounts.

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