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Rack and Pinion Steering Conversion

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US Patents: 6,457,375 & D440,240

Now Available for '71-73 Mustangs!

See the E-STORE CATEGORY Our patented line of high performance center-take-off rack and pinions enables correct geometry and a level of positive, direct steering that is not possible with adapted OEM units. Both manual and power versions feature quick ratio, straightcut gears, requiring only three turns lock-to-lock (standard OEM 4-5/8 turns, Performance OEM 3-3/4 turns). The unique modular design utilizes an assortment of mounting brackets and centerlinks to adapt to various classic Ford/Mercury vehicles including Mustangs, Cougars, Falcons, Comets and Rancheros.

Existing factory mounting locations are used whenever possible to simplify rack installation. Once installed, the rack becomes a rigid crossmember bracing the lower control arm mounts; an improvement over the original bent tubular design. Mounting brackets along with the centerlink are specific to engine type and are used to vary the height of the rack as needed for oil pan clearance.

Model Year
Comet 1960-1965
Cougar 1967-1973
Falcon 1960-1965
Mustang 1964-1973
Ranchero 1960-1965

Applications Chart
1964-73 Mustang, 1960-73 Ford/Mercury
1971-73 Mustang, 1971-73 Cougar

Power Rack and Pinions
Purchase ItemTCP RCKPS-FD - for OEM steering columns
Purchase ItemTCP RCKPA-FD - for/with aftermarket columns

Power Rack with Installation Kit
Purchase ItemTCP RCKP397 - Left-Hand Drive (USA)
Purchase ItemTCP RCKP3A7 - Right-Hand Drive (Australia)

Manual Rack and Pinions
Purchase ItemTCP RCKMS-FD - for OEM steering columns
Purchase ItemTCP RCKMA-FD - for/with aftermarket columns

Manual Rack and Pinions
Purchase ItemTCP RCKM397 - Left-Hand Drive (USA)

1967-1970 Installation Video

1971-1973 Installation Video

Rack and Pinion Options

Note: Installation of rack-and-pinion system on '60-65 Falcons and '64-66 Mustangs requires V8 spindles and tie-rods.

Big Block Power Rack and Pinion

Big Block Power:
TCP RCKP-01 - Mustang/Cougar

Big Block Manual Rack and Pinion

Big Block Manual:
TCP RCKM-01 - Mustang/Cougar

Small Block Power Rack and Pinion

Small Block Power:
TCP RCKP-02 - Mustang/Cougar
TCP RCKP-03 - Falcon/Comet

Small Block Manual Rack and Pinion

Small Block Manual:
TCP RCKM-02 - Mustang/Cougar
TCP RCKM-03 - Falcon/Comet

Right-Hand-Drive Power Rack and Pinion

Right-Hand-Drive Power:
TCP RCKP-54 - Mustang/Cougar


OEM Column Components


Main Steering Shafts (included)
TCP COLM-01 - (Mustang/Cougar) steering shaft, bearing assembly
TCP COLM-02 - (Falcon/Comet) steering shaft, bearing assembly
TCP COLM-03 - (Mustang/Cougar) slip shaft, bearing assembly, firewall seal
TCP COLM-04 - (Mustang/Cougar) floor mount, firewall seal
TCP COLM-05 - (Falcon/Comet) floor mount, firewall seal

Aftermarket Tilt Steering Columns

Black Powder-Coat Finish

Black Powder-Coat Finish

Paintable Brushed Finish
Paintable Brushed Finish
Chrome Plated Finish
Chrome Plated Finish

Aftermarket tilt steering columns can be purchased for use with stock steering systems,
and are also offered as an option with our rack-and-pinion package.

Note: Aftermarket columns are not compatible with Rally-Pac gauge pod

Alternate Aftermarket Column Installation Kits
(Not required for TCP columns)


Customers using 2"-diameter aftermarket columns from other manufacturers can purchase our accessory kit to solve many of the potential installation issues.

Intermediate Shaft Sets

Bump Steer Kits

Tie Rod Sets


TCP ISFT-01 - (Mustang/Cougar) universal joints, cut-to-length shaft
TCP ISFT-02 - (Falcon/Comet) - high-misalignment universal joints, cut-to-length shaft
TCP ISFT-03 - (Aftermarket Column) universal joints, cut-to-length shaft

Bump Steer Kits

Bump Steer Outer with Stud
Bump Steer Outer with Stud and Inner Tie-Rod

Billet Adjusting Sleeve w/ Tie Rods

Billet Tie-Rod Adjusting Sleeves
Billet Sleeves with OEM Tie Rod Set

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