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Subframe Connector System

A well-designed subframe connector system will minimize flex and twist of your chassis, improving handling, reducing body roll, and providing a more stable platform for performance modifications.Total Control Products subframe connector design excels in achieving these goals with the combination of weld-in tubular frame connectors, a bolt-in center support to bridge the connectors together, and an adjustable position driveshaft safety loop.


Subframe Connectors (Weld-In)

- Connects front and rear factory subframes

- Tubular steel; 2x2" or 1-5/8"


Center Support (Bolt-In)

- Bridges left and right subframe connectors

- Tubular steel; 1-5/8" round


Driveshaft Safety Loop (Hardtop only)

- Bolts onto center support

- Adjustable position; fore/aft and height

Downloads: | Data Sheet | Install Guide - Connector | Install Guide - Support |

Model Year
Comet 1960-1965
Cougar 1967-1970
Falcon 1960-1965
Mustang 1964-1970
Ranchero 1960-1965

Complete Packages

Complete Hardtop System

Purchase ItemTCP SUBFC-51 - Hardtop Mustang/Cougar (Includes driveshaft safety loop)

Purchase ItemTCP SUBFC-53 - Hardtop Falcon/Comet (Includes driveshaft safety loop)

Complete Convertible System

Purchase ItemTCP SUBFC-52 - Convertible Mustang/Cougar

Subframe Connectors (Weld-In)

Hardtop Subframe Connectors

Purchase ItemTCP SUBFC-01 - Mustang/Cougar (Hardtop)

Purchase ItemTCP SUBFC-03 - Falcon/Comet/Ranchero (Hardtop)

Convertible Subframe Connectors

Purchase ItemTCP SUBFC-02 - Mustang/Cougar (Convertible)

Center Supports (Bolt-In)

Hardtop Connector Support

Purchase ItemTCP SUBCS-01 - Mustang/Cougar (Hardtop)

Purchase ItemTCP SUBCS-04 - Falcon/Comet/Ranchero (Hardtop)

Note: Requires subframe connectors. Exhaust may require modification.

Convertible Connector Support

Purchase ItemTCP SUBCS-03 - Mustang/Cougar (Convertible)

Note: Requires installed TCP SUBFC-02. Exhaust may require modification.


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