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Front Air Dam

A 1965 Mustang with stock body trim at 140mph can be somewhat of a handfull. Aerodynamics plays a big part in the floating sensation realized at speeds above 100mph. In order to make our car more stable and safer at extremely high speeds we need to create a front aero package designed more for the track than the street.

We started with a racing apron with molded spoiler from Maier Racing. The lower spoiler was trimmed to follow the contour of the upper section. 3/16" fiberglass sheets were trimmed and rivited into place to create the front surface area. We extended the air dam 3 inches lower than the original Maier piece and further along the fenders to the wheel well openings. After we had the basic shape of what we were looking for it was time to build up the thickness using fiberglass cloth and resin. After a few layers of cloth and resin we began sanding and filling to smooth out the piece.


Fabrication Process...

3/16" Fiberglass sheetCloth and resin

Ready for sandingLots of sanding

PrimeredFinished product


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